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Life With Grace | July 14

A serene river flows next to a stony bank
We love our Rats! The Edgar family (Harrison, Will, Cary and Sarah) with their adopted VMI Cadet (former Rat), Heaton Lawrence

Dear Friends,

Last Sunday in Christianity and Culture Jerry Nay, Frank Settle, and Steve Riethmiller reflected on the Charismatic Tradition that teaches us to follow Jesus's example by asking for and relying upon the Holy Spirit in our lives...

Through a practice of gathering every week, reflecting on their experiences, sharing and praying with each other, they have come to trust in the Holy Spirit of God just as Jesus did.

This Sunday Anne Hansen will lead us in reflection about the Evangelical Tradition that directs us to follow Jesus' example of reading and proclaiming the word of God, the good news of the Kingdom. During the 16th Reformation, the entire Church and the World was renewed by refocusing on the word of God who is both a person - Jesus, and a text - the Bible, and perhaps most importantly for us an interpersonal communication - a conversation that helps us live more fully as God's people, followers of Jesus, in the world.

The Evangelical Tradition does not conflict with or supersede the Charismatic Tradition. They are complementary and interdependent. We come to encounter the Spirit through the Word, and we come to a deeper encounter of the Word through the Spirit.

The goal of both traditions is to follow and live in companionship with God as he has been made known to us in Jesus so that we can be freed from the oppression of sin and death, and empowered to live in ways of justice, compassion, and truth that are worthy of our calling to be the people of God.

If you have time, join us in person or via Zoom at 9:15 a.m. this Sunday and think about whether it might be helpful to join a small group in study, prayer, and fellowship modeled on the example Jesus gives us in his life.

(Note - two groups are forming now - Sacred Ground dialogue circle(s), and Education for Ministry. If you would like information about these opportunities please contact Tuck about Sacred Ground: an 11-part film and readings based program about the history of race and racism in America. Contact James Keane about EfM - a four year study of Christian faith and life.)

With Gratitude,

Tuck Bowerfind (he/him)

Rector | Grace Episcopal Church

Worship Services | Proper 10 | Sunday, July 16

Holy Eucharist | 8 a.m.

In-Person & Zoom

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost at 8
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Parish Hall & Zoom | Evangelical Tradition

Holy Eucharist | 10:30 a.m.

In-Person & YouTube

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 1030
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Morning Prayer | Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.

In-Person & Zoom

Upcoming Music Events
Camp Grace: “Make Us Instruments of Peace.”

Guess what! We’re doing that “summer camp thing” at Grace, August 7-11!! Based on a prayer attributed to St. Francis, the 2-5 p.m. camp is open to rising Kindergartners through rising 6th graders. An extra “Excited to Write!” component for rising 7th-rising 8th graders will finish the day 5:00-7 p.m. and include light dinner...

What is it? It’s mission with kids! Each day will include art activities, music activities, listening activities, and time learning about things such as the Labyrinth. The planning team includes Martha Burford, Marjorie and David Connolly, Carol Dent, Melanie Griffis, Jules Grimes, Anne Sauder, Heidi Schweizer, and Emma Vasquez. We will ask families for a donation of 50.00 per child for the week. Limited scholarships will be available. Rationale: Outreach to families. Enriching our community/communities. That last week before school starts, this year, August 7-11, is a week many camps have shut down, and is a week families seek activities for children before school starts. Our goal is to help families in that limbo week and also to help kids get excited about the beginning of the school year. This camp, and another one called “The Winter Star” during winter break, culminating in a performance on Epiphany, will focus on outreach to families with children. (More on “Winter Star” later.) Since you’re itching to be part of this: We would LOVE more help in this effort that springs from the named desire in Grace’s corporate life: to invite, welcome, and connect to families and children. We will need your help getting the word out. Martha, personally, would love help from someone good at spread sheets as we set up the daily schedule. Extra adult bodies in the rooms, help with snacks, help with drop off and pickup: there are lots of ways you can be involved for small amounts of time in this effort to welcome children. To jump into this joy, just run to your email and send a note, or call her at 804-514-8839. *Important note: 9/10 or more of the planning team will have completed online abuse prevention training in Praesidium Academy. While completion of the diocesan advised course won't be required for all volunteers, we encourage folks to consider taking it, especially as we gear up for focus on welcoming children.


Camp Grace Planning Team

Upcoming "Music in the Garden" Concerts at Boxerwood
The Mission and Outreach Committee of the Gadsden Trust

Third quarter grant requests can be sent to Gail Dickerson, Chair, and must be received by September 1, 2023. The Gadsden Trust grant request application can be found here. The third quarter meeting of The Mission and Outreach Committee of the Gadsden Trust is scheduled for September 12, 2023, at 4 p.m. in the Parish Hall.

Prayer List

Please pray for the wider Church and intercessions requested by our Congregants: The Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, and our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Mark Bourlakas. Pray for the people of St. Paul’s, Saltville. Pray for Brendon (friend of the Brooke family), Michael Murphy, John Thomas, Timmy, Rick Alexander, Bradley Fairchild and Karen Junkin (friends of the Gibsons), Gloria June Perry (mother of Michael Perry), Glen Jones (friend of the Riethmillers), Patricia Brown Boyer (sister of Madison Brown), Dolly Shumate (friend of the Lewis’), Carolyn Glenn (friend of Judy Schram), Jack Hershbell, Helen Kostel, Laura Stearns, Carl & Rachel Pattison, Tom Strickland, Worth & Katie Burnes (friends of the Smiths), Amelia Dull, Barb Ostrander (cousin of John Milford), Stephen deMaria, Annie Campbell, Polly Lawrence, Betty Cadden, Jeff Mason, Joe Irby, Kent Wilson, Ginny Dunaway Ferguson, Mike Robblee and Rosemary Phillips (siblings of Paul Robblee), Joan Wade (sister-in-law of David Wade), Maria Scott. Don Ellis, Diana Kenney, Patrick Bowes (brother-in-law of Linda deMaria), Ann Nay, and those we name aloud or in our hearts. Pray for those who have died, especially Suzi Horner (friend of Martha Burford). Pray for the people of Sudan, Haiti, Ukraine.

In Thanksgiving for July Birthdays

7/18 Carla Henson

7/19 Jeff Mason

7/20 Lisa Tracy

7/21 Catharine Gaylard

7/23 Miss D Penick

7/28 Paul Robblee, Susan Minor

7/29 John Brooke

7/31 Margaret Haberman


We're so glad you're here! If you or someone you know is new to Grace and would like more information about Parish life, follow the link below.


Rockbridge NAACP Freedom Fun’d Raiser

“Community United: Spotlight on Glasgow” | 2 – 5pm Saturday, August 19, 2023 | James R. Thompson Sr. Community Center | Glasgow, VA | Donate now at

Freedom Fund Poster
Download PDF • 6.48MB

Hosting Ukrainian Families

A humanitarian outreach effort organized by citizens of Lexington, Buena Visa, and Rockbridge County, we aim to pave the way for sponsoring temporary re-settlement of families who qualify for entry according to the laws of the United States.

The mission of Hosting Ukrainian Families is based upon love, compassion, and humanitarian concerns for families seeking to live in peace. Accordingly, a call is issued to each person joining in this effort to set aside all political, culturally divisive viewpoints, and all differences which may hinder or defeat these goals. To donate, click the link below.

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