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Our Mission

The mission of Grace Episcopal Church is to share in the redeeming work of God by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, by worshipping Jesus as Lord, by growing in the knowledge of God and God's will for our parish, and by building the fellowship of Christ's body, the Church. 

We nurture the spiritual growth of our college students. We value their participation in every part of our worship. Our worship nourishes our soul and strengthens us for daily living. Our music uplifts us and connects us to the divine. Our faith and ministry to our community are enhanced by our fellowship with one another. We follow Jesus’ call to free the prisoner, feed the hungry, empower the poor, comfort the lonely and dying, and seek racial reconciliation, both in our community and the world.

Grace Episcopal Church is a community in which our companionship with God and each other takes priority over any differences in thought and perspective that we may have as individuals.


Throughout its 182-year history Grace has been committed to serving our greater community and the students, faculty and staff of the local colleges and universities. The seeking of intellectual life stimulated by faculty members of the colleges has particularly enriched Grace and helped us to learn and grow into a leading institution in the community and in the Diocese. 

Many of us contribute to other agencies that make us feel good, promote educational opportunities, provide community services, or offer beautiful music. Still, our Grace community, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, empowers us to be the hands and feet of Christ in this challenging world. 

What defines Grace is not our location or history, but seeking, serving and loving together in companionship with God through the Spirit given in Christ. We know that while individuals can accomplish many good and important things, everything is better when shared and done together with friends in this companionship with God.

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