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Life With Grace | August 4

A serene river flows next to a stony bank
Join us for our final Monday Music on the Courtyard featuring Betty and the Hot Flashes!

From Samson and Martha “Tag-Teaming”:


Have you ever heard the phrase, "When you sing, you pray twice?" It is a powerful reminder of the spiritual benefits of singing. This statement implies that singing goes beyond being a mere form of artistic expression. It can also serve as a means to connect with people or something beyond oneself. Whether singing a hymn in church or belting out a cappella in the shower, singing can be a source of comfort, joy, and inspiration. So next time you feel the urge to sing, remember that you are expressing yourself and engaging in prayer that can profoundly impact your well-being.

I want to remind you that Marc Nikkel’s Day is coming up in four weeks on August 27th, and Also, Martha will teach us some Sudanese songs on the upcoming Sundays. Stay tuned! ~Samson +


Samson has helped pick some of the music for our celebration of Marc Nikkel. To prepare we will be singing a Sudanese hymn on August 12 and 20, so we can ready our pipes and learn to pray loudly and exponentially!

Also, just a hint about the Community Sing, August 20. If you loved the musical _Godspell_, pull out your records or CDs or mp3s or YouTube videos and get those tunes back in your bones! We are going to rock some singing (hint, hint) at 5pm that Sunday! Invite friends: you might be surprised who will show up!

AV Team: Call for Volunteers

Please consider joining the team and help with streaming on Sunday morning. Zoom help is needed at 8:00am and YouTube streaming at 10:30am. Training is available! Email Lisa for more info.

Worship Services | The Transfiguration | Sunday, August 6

Holy Eucharist | 8 a.m.

In-Person & Zoom

The Transfiguration at 8
Download PDF • 255KB

Parish Hall & Zoom | Sacramental & Holiness Tradition

Holy Eucharist | 10:30 a.m.

In-Person & YouTube

The Transfiguration 1030
Download PDF • 191KB

Morning Prayer | Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.

In-Person & Zoom


Parish Administrator, Lisa McGuire, will be on vacation until August 7.

Upcoming Music Events

Note: For weather updates, please check our website, Facebook page, Instagram or email on Monday. We will reschedule if rain is still probable.

The Mission and Outreach Committee of the Gadsden Trust

We will convene on September 12 at 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall for its our third quarter meeting. The Committee will review third quarter grant requests that were submitted by the September 1, 2023, deadline and make awards. Third quarter grant requests can be sent to Gail Dickerson and must be received by September 1, 2023. The Gadsden Trust grant request application can be found here.

Blood Drive at Grace

Grace Episcopal is having a Blood Drive on Monday, August 28, 2023 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Jonathan Daniels Community Room. Please call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit and enter: GECL to schedule an appointment. Streamline your donation experience and save up to 15 minutes by visiting to complete your pre-donation reading and health history questions on the day of your appointment. Donate Blood. Help Save Lives.

Grace Church Blood Drive
Download PDF • 77KB
Prayer List

Please pray for the wider Church and intercessions requested by our Congregants: The Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, and our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Mark Bourlakas. Pray for the people of Christ, Marion and their rector, the Rev. Emily Edmondson. Pray for Brendon (friend of the Brooke family), Heidi Schweizer, Michael Murphy, John Thomas, Timmy, Rick Alexander, Bradley Fairchild and Karen Junkin (friends of the Gibsons), Gloria June Perry (mother of Michael Perry), Glen Jones (friend of the Riethmillers), Patricia Brown Boyer (sister of Madison Brown), Dolly Shumate (friend of the Lewis’), Carolyn Glenn (friend of Judy Schram), Jack Hershbell, Helen Kostel, Laura Stearns, Carl & Rachel Pattison, Tom Strickland, Worth & Katie Burnes (friends of the Smiths), Amelia Dull, Barb Ostrander (cousin of John Milford), Stephen DeMaria, Annie Campbell, Polly Lawrence, Betty Cadden, Jeff Mason, Joe Irby, Kent Wilson, Ginny Dunaway Ferguson, Mike Robblee and Rosemary Phillips (siblings of Paul Robblee), Joan Wade (sister-in-law of David Wade), Maria Scott, Don Ellis, Diana Kenney, Patrick Bowes (brother-in-law of Linda deMaria), Ann Nay, Paula Cooper, Frank Settle, Lucy Moise, Penny & Ned Henneman, and those we name aloud or in our hearts. Pray for those who have died. Pray for the people of Sudan, Haiti, Ukraine.

In Thanksgiving for August Birthdays

8/5 Rissie Murphy

8/6 Michele Hentz

8/8 Greg Lemmer, Carol Dent

8/11 Mimi Knight

8/14 Gerry Locher, Nick Murphy, Kathy Kozak

8/17 Kent Wilson

8/18 Luke Camp

8/20 Marjorie Connolly

8/27 Mary Webster

8/28 David Howison

8/30 Barton Dick

8/31 Pat Gibson


We're so glad you're here! If you or someone you know is new to Grace and would like more information about Parish life, follow the link below.


Rockbridge NAACP Freedom Fun’d Raiser

“Community United: Spotlight on Glasgow” | 2 – 5pm Saturday, August 19, 2023 | James R. Thompson Sr. Community Center | Glasgow, VA | Donate now at

Freedom Fund Poster
Download PDF • 6.48MB

Hosting Ukrainian Families

A humanitarian outreach effort organized by citizens of Lexington, Buena Visa, and Rockbridge County, we aim to pave the way for sponsoring temporary re-settlement of families who qualify for entry according to the laws of the United States.

The mission of Hosting Ukrainian Families is based upon love, compassion, and humanitarian concerns for families seeking to live in peace. Accordingly, a call is issued to each person joining in this effort to set aside all political, culturally divisive viewpoints, and all differences which may hinder or defeat these goals. To donate, click the link below.

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